U.S. power grid hits the brakes as power outages plague U.K.

A large outage in the U.N. power system has plunged the world’s second-largest economy into a prolonged blackout.

At least 1.4 million customers in the European Union have been without power for more than two days, a new report said.

U.S.-based Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) said that the outage has led to disruptions of more than 2.4 billion kilowatt hours of power, or about one-fifth of total generation capacity in Europe.EPRIs chief executive officer Peter Hirst said on Friday that a second power outage in two days in the Netherlands had resulted in nearly 1.5 billion kilawatt hours (kWh) of electricity lost in the region.

He said that was a “huge loss.”

The Dutch outage is the biggest since May 2010, when a power outage hit France, Italy, Spain and Germany.

EPRI said it had no estimates of how many other European countries were impacted by the Dutch outage.

In addition, EPRIs director of energy supply, Anthony O’Leary, said EPRis data showed that the U,S.

grid was vulnerable to disruption in the United Kingdom.

In the U: power grid hit the brakes in London, England.

https://t.co/Q3p3qZwQ8M — EPRIS (@EPRis) March 25, 2021In a statement, the British government said that a “significant number of power plants” in the country had been shut down and “that an emergency response plan has been put in place.”

The U.k. government also said it was investigating whether it could be the fault of the outage.

The outage has caused an economic crisis in the capital of London, which was hit by a power surge in September.

In addition, London Mayor Boris Johnson has faced mounting criticism over a lack of transparency in the government’s response to the emergency.

Power outages have been a problem in Europe since 2009.

In June of that year, a blackout struck Belgium, causing more than 1.8 million kilowatts of electricity to go out in less than two hours.

The U,K.

government has acknowledged the problems and said it is trying to find a solution to the grid problems.

The power blackout in London has also affected the region’s tourism industry, which relies on coal power.

The London Evening Standard newspaper reported that the city had lost about $3.5 million in the past month.