What is the Dominion Power outage?

Posted September 12, 2018 07:21:08The power system in Alabama is currently out of commission due to a power outage.

Dominion Energy is in the process of restoring power.

A spokesperson for Dominion Energy tells WSBTV that the outage occurred on Thursday, September 12th.

We have not received confirmation of a full restoration at this time, but the outage is currently being assessed and the outage was not due to the presence of any human or animal health or safety hazards.

In a statement, Dominion says, “the outage was due to human error.

It occurred while our system was working, and was not connected to any substations.”

Dominion says it is working to restore power.

The outage was the first since September 11, 2017, when a massive storm system slammed into Alabama and caused massive damage and disrupted power supply to more than 1.5 million customers in the state.

The storm also caused flooding that shut down a significant portion of the state, including Birmingham.

The Alabama Department of Public Safety says the power outage affected about 50,000 customers, which is about 6.7% of the Alabama population.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey says that it’s the largest outage in the history of the State of Alabama.