The Weather Channel and Weather Underground to merge

The Weather Network and Weather Channel International announced Tuesday that they are merging, bringing together two of the largest and most trusted weather and weather information sites in the world.

The Weather Channel, which airs the weather and extreme weather coverage, and Weather Radio, which is the primary channel for local weather news, have been on different terms since 2008.

Weather Radio was sold to the Walt Disney Company for $2.6 billion in 2010.

The new channel, which will remain an independent entity, will be called and will be operated as a subsidiary of, a unit of Weather Inc., and will be part of the Weather.

Net group. will be a free, 24/7 channel, with no ads or sponsorship commitments.

It will include news, forecasts, video, podcasts and live events.

Weather Channel News, a subscription-based news channel, will also be offered as a free service.

Weather Network, Weather Channel Online, Weather Network TV, Weather Weather., or Weather. will remain independent operations.

Weather Underground, which includes weather forecasts, is the largest weather news and data service in the U.S., and is owned by Time Warner Inc.