The new power chords for Serie A

Power chords for the top-flight will be introduced at the start of the season.

According to reports, the new power chord system will be used by teams in the coming weeks and will allow for quicker substitutions and faster changes.

Accordingly, the system will use two power chords and four to six strings to create different combinations of rhythms and sounds. 

“The power chords are very similar to the PowerCAD grid system, except they can be used in both the top and bottom divisions,” Andrea Pecchi, technical director of the Serie A Technical Committee, told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“With power chords, there are two different rhythms for each of the four or six strings.

For example, a power chord might be used for a power slide or a break and a power melody.”

For this reason, we’ve decided to use power chords as the two rhythms of the power chord for the three divisions.

“We’ll need to analyse how they will work in practice and what they can and cannot do in terms of different styles and variations.”

The new power rhythm system will also allow for more rapid substitutions by the team and in particular for faster changes between two or more positions.

“These changes will also be made possible with the new system.”

I think the new rhythm system makes sense for the sport, as it will allow us to bring in new players, especially players who are new to Serie A.

“The new system will feature five power chords with a new power type, a new shape and a new chord number.