How to stay safe during a power outage

A power outage is often caused by a problem in your home or business, but what if you’re home alone?

Here are some tips to keep you safe during the power outage.


Be PreparedFor a power failure, it’s important to get prepared for what’s to come.

A power failure can occur at any time of the day, or it can happen at any point in time.

The best way to prepare is to get a safe distance from your home.

To get you out of danger, you should: 2.

Turn off all appliances that don’t need power 3.

Remove any electrical cords and any other electrical equipment that doesn’t need electricity to save power for your home and business 4.

Make sure your water supply is running and connected to the internet 5.

If your water is running, use bottled water 6.

Get out of the house and go to a safe place to drink water 7.

If you have any pets, be sure they are vaccinated for rabies and are in good physical condition 8.

Wear protective clothing, including a face mask 9.

Do not touch any power lines or power lines themselves.


Take your water bottle to the water fountain for a water taste.