How to fix an outage at the home theater: ‘No one should be left in the dark’

The worst power outage in Colorado history is ending as thousands of customers are still struggling to access Netflix and other online video content.

The state Department of Public Service says a utility failed to fix a gas line that ruptured on Monday, and it has been forced to cancel the next three weeks of scheduled power outage, leaving customers stranded.

“We are working to resolve this issue quickly and efficiently,” Public Service Commissioner Michael Hargrove said.

“No one deserves to experience what happened.”

The outage has affected more than 1,000 customers in the Denver-Boulder-Loveland area, and some were left without electricity for nearly 24 hours.

“My house has been turned into a ghost town,” said Bob Biederman, a Colorado Springs resident.

“I’ve had to sleep in my bed, and I’ve been unable to go anywhere.

There’s nothing I can do.”

The state says it is working with utility crews to restore power to homes and businesses.