Grid power outage in greystone: ‘It will take another two to three weeks’ for water to be restored

An Indian power company said on Tuesday that it was facing a power outage and warned that water would not be restored in the state for at least another two weeks.

The power provider, Graystone Power, said on its website that water levels in some areas were dropping.

A power outage will cause power cuts and water shortages in many areas.

In India, water supply to people and businesses depends on the availability of water.

The country has about 1.8 billion people.

On Monday, the government said there were no immediate reports of any health issues or accidents, but the power ministry had warned people not to drink, cook, or bathe their children in water.

The ministry said it had issued a directive to the power companies to ensure that all power plants, which provide power to about 70 million households, would have power supplies restored by September 23.

Power is the main source of heat in India, and has been a major source of carbon emissions, but recent rains have also helped the country reduce carbon emissions by more than half.