GA Power outage: Power outage on Georgia power grid due to reactor cooling

A power outage on the Georgia power system is causing widespread outages across the state, including parts of Atlanta, Georgia, according to the state Department of Energy.

The outage began Wednesday morning, according the Georgia Department of Transportation, which said that “a portion of the state’s grid has been affected.”

The Georgia Power Authority said in a statement that it “was notified of an outages affecting the state grid on the morning of January 14, 2017, which were caused by the cooling of the Savannah River Power Plant.”

The power outage is affecting parts of the metro Atlanta area including Atlanta, Ga., Atlanta, Marietta, Ga. and Smyrna, Ga, the agency said.

Power is still out in parts of metro Atlanta, including Atlanta.

Georgia Power Authority spokeswoman Amy Bowers said that while the power outage will continue, it is expected to “go away by the end of the day.”

Power has been restored in parts the metro area, but it will likely be difficult to maintain power in all areas for the foreseeable future, she said.

“We expect to see the power grid continue to work as normal on Wednesday, but some areas will still see a significant outage, such as in Marietts Point, where the power has been temporarily disconnected,” Bowers told CNN.

Georgia is in the middle of a nuclear power outage and the National Nuclear Security Administration is investigating.