When will the Power Surge game be out?

IGN asked Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma about the Power Shock and the upcoming sequel when he appeared on the Japanese gaming show “PlayStation Plus.”

Aonufu, who has worked on the upcoming Power Surge games, explained that the team has been working on the game for two years and that it has a long development cycle.

“We’ve worked on Power Surge for 2 years and now we’re going to work on the sequel,” Aonu said.

The Power Surge sequel will be a “completely new experience” and will take place in a completely different universe.

“In our world, we’re building a new world where humans and monsters live together and fight against each other.

We want to tell the story of a new, world where there’s only one player and one team,” Aontuma said.

Power Surge: The Final Frontier is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One S on May 26.

Watch IGN’s video interview with Aonua about Power Surge.