‘Power Rangers’ star ‘feels like a kid in a candy store’: ‘I’m not going to buy that’

Power Rangers has been cancelled, but the internet is having none of it.

The US version of the popular animated series was being shown in a Disney-branded theatre, but it was being pushed back to April 12.

A tweet from the official account of Power Rangers USA (@powerrangersusa) said that “the show will not be shown in the Disney Theatre in the US”.

The US website for the show also said that the show was cancelled due to the holiday weekend.

Power Rangers is based on the Japanese TV series Power Rangers Zeta, which is also the name of a video game released in 2005 by Konami.

The show stars Kyle Higgins as a Ranger, a character from the Zeta Rangers franchise, who uses his power to battle evil.

He has to use his wits to survive, but also to protect the innocent and save the planet from its greatest threat yet.

On the Disney website, Power Rangers is shown playing a concert, and there is a Power Rangers-themed menu.

The cast includes John Krasinski, Kiefer Sutherland, Josh Hutcherson, Zedd, Mackenzie Crook, Kari Wahlgren, Rachael Taylor, and Lauren Ambrose.