Power outage affects more than 2,500 homes in western NSW

More than 2.5 million customers in NSW have been left without power after a transformer went into the ground and then exploded, according to emergency services.

Key points:Residents in Sydney’s western suburbs were forced to wait for hours to reconnect to power after the transformer went offIn some areas, people had to wait more than two hours to be reconnectedPower supply was restored to around 20,000 homes in Sydney and the Sydney West Coast on MondayThe Sydney Morning Herald reported that more than 500 homes in the city’s northern suburbs had to be shut down for hours after a power outage sparked by a transformer exploded in a power plant.

“All power has been restored in the vicinity of the scene,” NSW Ambulance NSW said on Twitter.

“Power outages are currently affecting residents in the western suburbs and are continuing to be assessed.

More than 2 million customers were left without electricity for several hours after the incident at the New South Wales Bureau of Meteorology (BNMW) plant in St Albans on Monday.”

Residents should expect to experience delays to their home or business operations as they are advised to remain in their homes until power is restored,” the NSW Ambilance NSW tweeted.”

Sydney has received a number of reports of power outages in some areas.

The situation is under control, and there is no risk to the public.

“More than 20,400 people were evacuated from a nearby town of Waverley, while another 20,500 people were left in a regional area of the city.

More:Power was restored around 20 and a half hours after that transformer exploded.

A spokesperson for NSW Ambolicys Emergency Operations Centre said there were reports of damage to buildings.”

It is a very dangerous situation and is still under investigation,” the spokesperson said.”

We are working closely with our NSW Ambassadors and the NSW Department of Emergency Management to ensure the safety of residents and staff during the incident.

“More:More:Authorities said the explosion was “under investigation”.”

There were no injuries or incidents and no risk is posed to the community at this time,” NSW Emergency Operations tweeted.

Power has been temporarily restored to most of the affected homes in NSW.

Power outage: NSW Ambolys Emergency Ops said around 2.4 million people in NSW were affected.

The BNMMW was evacuated shortly after 2.10pm on Monday and the State Emergency Service has been working to restore power to most residents.”

Our primary concern at this stage is to ensure residents have access to their homes and to ensure that power is back up as soon as possible,” NSW Minister for Emergency Services Pru Goward said on Monday afternoon.”

That will be achieved in the immediate future.

“The NSW Amboliys Emergency operations centre is in St. Albans.