Power outage across Texas as Pecos shut down due to power outage

A power outage has shut down power to more than 60,000 customers across Texas and has left the state scrambling to restore power to some businesses.

Power company Frontier has estimated that up to 40 percent of Texas’ electricity generation could be lost due to the outage.

Power outage at the Peco nuclear power plant in Texas.

The company says up to 20% of power can be lost in the Pecos outage.

A power company spokesman says the outage is affecting up to 200,000 residents in Texas and will affect businesses and communities in southern Texas.

Power to the Peca plants is down to 25 percent.

Peco said it had lost more than 80 percent of its capacity to the storm, but it said it was still able to restore a portion of its production in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

It said that it has no plans to resume operations at any of its plants.

Pecos chief executive said that the outage could last several weeks and would require the company to use backup generators, which it has done.

He said that this could delay any recovery efforts for customers who were still waiting to recover from the storm.

Peca said it would continue to work with customers to determine how to resume the production.

The utility said it is working with state and federal officials to help it find ways to return to normal production levels.

Pecos chief executive, Chris Smith, said the outage has affected up to 70,000 Pecos customers.

He says the company is still able, but expects to lose a significant amount of capacity.

He also said that some businesses are experiencing some downtime.

The Peco plant, which has about 1,000 workers, has been the site of more than 30 nuclear accidents since 1962.

It is the third largest nuclear plant in the United States.