‘It is a shame’: Former head of U.S. nuclear arsenal slams ‘disgusting’ nuclear weapon deal

Power is back in the U.N. Security Council, with a new resolution calling for an end to the U todays nuclear weapons program and for a permanent halt on the production and use of nuclear weapons.

The resolution is the result of the two-day Security Council meeting last week, where the U., Russia, China, Britain and France agreed to a “roadmap” for ending the U’s nuclear weapons stockpile, according to the draft resolution.

A full text of the resolution was not released, but the draft text said that “any future nuclear weapons capability should be terminated as soon as practical and non-proliferation measures adopted.”

The resolution also called for an investigation of the U-S.

and its allies “for any breaches of international humanitarian law or other breaches of the obligations of states to respect international humanitarian principles,” according to a copy obtained by The Associated Press.

The U.K. Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, said in a statement that the U and its European allies “stand ready to join together in the strongest possible response to this unacceptable escalation of the world’s nuclear arms race.”

“We remain committed to the world-leading nonproliferating and nonprovisional nuclear disarmament agenda which seeks to achieve and sustain a world without nuclear weapons,” Johnson said.

The agreement comes as the U is locked in a diplomatic battle with Russia over the U.-S.

agreement to freeze production of plutonium-based weapons and also the U.’s plan to increase the Us stockpile.

The nuclear agreement came after months of diplomacy between the two powers.

In December, the U U.

Ns new envoy to the Security Council said the US was still the world leader in its weapons program.

“The United States continues to have the world on the cusp of achieving the most peaceful, most secure, and most secure weapons ever,” Nikki Haley said at the time.

“We have the most advanced weapons program in the world, and we are going to keep it that way.”

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the agreement is “an obstacle to achieving the objective of the United Nations Security Council of preventing the spread of nuclear proliferation.”

The U.-N.

talks on the nuclear weapons issue have been going on for years, and last month, Russia agreed to extend a ban on the U using its atomic arsenal until 2024.

The new resolution calls for a “transitional period” in which the U can continue to build its nuclear stockpile and will provide more transparency on its nuclear program.

The vote follows a Security Council resolution adopted on March 3 that imposed economic sanctions on Iran over its nuclear deal.

In that resolution, the council imposed financial penalties on Iranian companies and institutions that participate in the nuclear deal, including the state-owned Bank Mellat and the Iranian Oil Company, and imposed asset freezes on Iranian citizens.

The sanctions also targeted a Russian bank that is the owner of Rosatom, the Russian nuclear energy agency.

The Russian government is under intense pressure from the West to cut its ties with Iran.