How to stop the diesel power outage in New York

New York State is experiencing a power outage affecting the Edison Electric Institute.

The power outage is affecting power outages in Edison Power Centers, substations, substation power, and the New York City subway system.

Some areas have been affected.

Power outages are affecting power to millions of New Yorkers.

Here are some ways you can help.

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The outage is causing grid congestion and power outage warnings are posted on all New York state power lines.

The outage is also affecting thousands of New York residents.

Power companies say they’re investigating the cause of the outage.

New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo said on Twitter, “As we speak, I have received reports of power outAGE in New Jersey and other states.”

The outage comes as New York prepares to close its power grid to protect against the coronavirus pandemic.

Power outage affecting New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York.

A new diesel generator that has been installed at a power plant in New Mexico was damaged by the outage in Newark, New Mexico, on Tuesday, October 27, 2017.

New Mexico Gov.

Susana Martinez, left, speaks with Gov.

Dan Patrick, right, and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio as they arrive at the New Mexico Public Service Commission headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexican on Oct. 27, 2018.

(Photo by Michael Schennum/AP)As of Tuesday evening, the state has lost more than 5,000 megawatts of power, with about 9,700 of that lost in New Castle, New Castle County.

The outage affects New York’s electricity distribution system, including power to more than 12,500 homes, according to the Governor’s office.

The state also has been forced to shut down more than 100 public schools, hospitals and other public buildings.

The power outage has affected many communities in the New Jersey/New York area, including Bergen County, where thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate, according the New England Community News Service.

A New Jersey state trooper and New Jersey National Guard soldier are being taken to a hospital for treatment after being hit by a train in Bergen, New Brunswick, on Monday, October 26, 2017, after an explosion in a freight rail yard.

The man and the soldier have been hospitalized and the governor has ordered the guard to be deployed to nearby Fort Lee, New Hampshire.

A train explosion in Berge, New Bergen.

(New Brunswick Post via AP)A worker at a diesel generator at the West Virginia Port of New Orleans says the power went out, but no one was hurt.

Power outages affect New York and New Hampshire and the state’s grid has been shut down in New Brunswick.

The governor announced Tuesday morning that New York would begin closing its power lines on Thursday and that New Jersey residents will be asked to conserve their energy by using water and gas.