How to save electricity in Texas as temperatures soar

The Texas heat wave is officially a record, with temperatures soaring to record highs in some areas.

However, many are still struggling to put their energy bills in order, with power outages and blackouts reported in some regions.

Power has also been disrupted in a number of states.

This is what the Texas heatwave looks like.

(USGS)The Texas heat has left a heavy footprint on the economy, with Texas already the fourth most energy-intensive state in the country.

But it is expected to continue to worsen with rising temperatures.

The state’s power grid has already been affected by the weather, with the Department of State issuing an alert this week that power lines have been cut across the state.

The department also warned residents to keep an eye on their homes, warning that blackouts could occur.

Power was restored in Texas last night as a result of the storm, but many customers still face outages.

As of 6:30pm on Friday, Texas had received more than 17.2 million megawatts of power from Texas’ largest power provider, Texas Electric Power Co. (Tepco).

TepCo reported that the total cost of power lost during the storm was $8.3 billion.

The loss in electricity from the state was the third largest in the US, after New York and New Jersey.

The power outage was particularly damaging in Austin, where Tepco lost $1.6 billion of power.

Austin’s mayor also reported outages across the city, and a city manager said at least 20,000 customers were without power.

The USGS said it expects to continue seeing high temperatures for the rest of the week.

The Department of Energy said it is providing $5 million in loan guarantees to help power customers recover from the effects of the heatwave.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency also said it was working with the states to assist power companies.

Tepcom’s CEO also blamed a lack of planning on the part of the state’s utilities.

“We underestimated the severity of the weather and our inability to plan,” he said in a statement.

The agency said that its goal was to restore power as quickly as possible.