How to choose the best sports jersey for your sports fandom

Power of Love is an annual award for the best sport jerseys for fans to wear.

Each year, the winners are announced.

Power of love was awarded to the best jersey from the 2018 edition of the competition.

The 2019 edition of Power of Sport is the best in its category.

It was chosen by the panel of experts from around the globe.

They included sports apparel expert David Hockenberry of The Good Men Project, Nike Sports Group’s Head of Sports Merchandising, Matt Chappell of the Nike Brand Team, Nike Executive Vice President of Retail Operations, and former NBA Executive Vice-President of Basketball Operations Michael Jordan.

This is the first year the panel was given the opportunity to select the winners.

Hockenberger explained, “When I look at the Power of Power award, it is about finding the best, and we did it.

The jerseys are crafted by a number of different experts to create the best jerseys.

They have a variety of different colors, shapes, and fabrics and we are really excited to be the ones to present the winners.”

Nike’s Jordan also weighed in on the panel, saying, “The Power of Nike is an honor.

We are very proud to be selected for this award and I can’t wait to show the winners of the 2018 competition.”

Here are the five finalists from this year’s contest.