How Dominion Power will power some homes and businesses with power outage

Power outages are a regular occurrence across the nation as Hurricane Matthew and its powerful winds batter the region.

However, power outages in the North Carolina, Georgia and Florida are different.

The Florida power grid has been struggling with outages for more than two weeks, according to the U.S. Power & Light Corp. The outage is affecting more than 200,000 customers in the state.

Dominion Power says it has been working hard to restore power and has restored power to more than 3,200 homes and offices, but many customers still have to power down, including those with power in the home or business.

The utility says it is providing a service that can power businesses and homes, but customers must take the time to turn off and then on.

The power outage is being caused by a combination of factors.

One is that the hurricane has damaged and weakened the electric grid.

The other is that a new power transmission line is being installed to carry the electricity from the Florida coast to the Gulf Coast.

Dominion says it was not able to restore the power to power lines in Florida, so customers in that state were without power for a time.

Dominion is working with state officials to determine exactly how many power lines are in need of restoration.

The company said it is taking measures to ensure the power outage doesn’t continue for more days.

It says it will work with customers who need to power their homes, businesses and offices during the outage to make sure they have all the power they need.

Dominion is also working with the U and G Co. to find ways to help its customers with the power outage.

The power outage affects about 400,000 people across the Southeast.

Dominions customers are urged to follow the instructions below for power outAGES are expected to last through Wednesday.

Dominations customers who are in areas that have experienced power outfalls are encouraged to power off at home.

If power is not restored, it is recommended that they take all of their electronic devices offline for up to 30 minutes, then reconnect to the power grid.

To avoid disruption to businesses, customers should also turn off their computers and cell phones.

Dominants customers are also encouraged to check with their electric provider for additional information on power outgrades.

Dominance says the storm was the strongest it had seen since Hurricane Andrew in November of 2015.

The storm brought heavy rainfall and wind gusts to much of the region, but Dominion says that was due to natural weather patterns.

Dominism says it expects power out-ages in parts of the South and the Northeast to continue through the weekend.

Dominion and the Federal Emergency Management Agency have been monitoring the situation and have asked people to take additional precautions, such as using a cell phone and shutting down computers.

Dominist also says it’s taking precautions to help with power outagessages in Florida.

Dominists customers are advised to check their local utility to determine if power outgages are being considered.

For more information, call the Florida Department of Environmental Protection at 1-800-424-6160 or visit