Minnesota Power cuts power to 1,000 homes as floodwaters reach Minnesota

The Minnesota Public Service Commission on Tuesday ordered Minnesota Power to cut its power to 500 homes and businesses across the state as the flooding continues in the Twin Cities.

The commission issued the order after a series of extreme weather events forced the state’s emergency manager to declare a state of emergency, prompting the utility to curtail service for some customers in the state.

The Twin Cities have had an unprecedented flooding event in the last week, which has prompted the state to declare its state of disaster and called on local authorities to declare an emergency in the area.

In a statement, the commission said the commission ordered MinnesotaPower to shut down services to its customers and to halt all activities until the water recedes.

In response to the emergency, the utility cut power to a total of 1,200 customers in four counties: Lake Superior, Lake of the Isles, Red Lake and Blackfoot Counties.

It also cut service to a smaller number of businesses in two towns: Kankakee and Blaine.

The commission said those customers will be re-established after the weather clears.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the state agency that oversees the lakes, has declared a state to recover from the flooding.