How to Power Up Your Bike with Your Hands

In case you thought your hands weren’t strong enough to handle a full electric bike ride, we have some tips on how to use your hands to power up your bike.

Power wheels are typically more expensive than battery-powered bikes because of the battery’s weight.

But you can make your own power wheels at home, and you’ll have more control over the weight and durability of your bike’s powertrain.1.

Install the Power Wheel1.

Start by removing the handlebars, which can be tricky if you’ve never done it before.

Find a sturdy table or bench with the handlebar-mounted wheels facing away from you.2.

Install a 3-inch-wide bolt and a 5-inch socket in each of the three bolts, and attach the nuts to the end of the bolt.3.

Cut a hole through the center of the table or rack so that you can insert the power wheel through.4.

Insert the power wheels into the bolt hole.5.

Tighten the bolt and screw the bolt nut onto the top bolt of the power tool.6.

Push the bolt through the hole, and secure it with the bolt nuts.7.

Install your power tool and attach it to the bolt holes on your bike, so that it stays in place.8.

Re-attach the bolt to the table.9.

Reinstall the bolt with the nut in place to secure it to your rack.10.

Reattach the power-wheel bolt to your bike and reinstall the bolt head.11.

Plug your bike into a wall outlet and let it recharge until the battery reaches a safe level.