How to get diesel power for your home


(AP) A startup based in the Boston suburbs is bringing the once-abandoned diesel engine to the market.

Diesel Power is selling its diesel power plant technology in the United States.

The company says its technology could be a key ingredient in new fuel-efficient vehicles.

The startup is selling the diesel fuel-cell technology for about $50 per kilowatt-hour.

The technology is built on the idea that if a generator runs on diesel power, the amount of electricity the engine can produce can be reduced.DIESEL Power has sold its technology to four different diesel power plants in Massachusetts and one in Rhode Island.

It also has a partnership with the New England Fuel Cell Alliance.

The technology is an advanced fuel cell, which uses the energy produced by the burning of compressed natural gas as a generator to power a motor.

It’s a renewable source of power, said Paul Siegel, a diesel power specialist with GE.

The system can be a great fit for a home, said Siegel.

“It can produce more power at a lower cost,” Siegel said.

“The engine is a relatively small part of the overall energy system and can produce power for the whole home.”

The company is selling power generated by its diesel engines to the United Auto Workers union, which is working to make the technology available to workers.

The union plans to have the technology on the market in the first half of 2019.