Western Power Sports (WPS) to be the first to announce a cryptocurrency token sale

Western Power has launched a cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform, WPS, to promote its new cryptocurrency, WPA, which will be used as a token for WPS.WPS will be launched on November 15 and the first coin to be listed will be a 10-coin coin.

The platform will allow the WPS token holders to purchase WPA from other crypto-token investors.

WPS will use the WPA token to be used to secure the Wps blockchain, a platform for managing the WPLs business, according to the WPP.

Token holders will be able to earn WPS by making regular WPS payments to WPS holders.

The token will be sold on the platform.WPA will be the world’s first blockchain-based cryptocurrency to be offered on a crowdfunding platform.

The WPS project, which WPP is building in partnership with the Digital Asset Corporation, aims to provide access to the world of energy in a secure and reliable manner.WPL will be listed as a 10x or 20x token by WPP, according a news release.

WPL is the first crypto-currency token offering launched by Western Power, which is expected to be worth more than $100 million by the end of the first quarter of 2019.WPG and WPS launched the WPG blockchain platform in 2016.

The technology has already proven successful for its purpose and the company is confident that WPG will provide a secure platform for energy trading in the long term.

WPG is currently testing the WSP blockchain, the next-generation blockchain platform, in partnership to secure WPL tokens.