Seattle Power outage is ‘severe’ but ‘not life threatening’

An outage in Seattle’s Seattle Power System was “severe” and “not life-threatening,” Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said Wednesday, but it was likely to slow down the city’s power grid for a few days.

The outage, which lasted for almost an hour Tuesday, had power flowing to about 9,500 customers at the time of the outage, according to the Seattle Department of Public Utilities.

“The outage was caused by a power outage,” Murray said.

“It’s not a safety issue.

This is not an issue for any of us.

We have a number of things that we are working on.”

The city also has a backup power system that provides a backup grid for about 6,000 customers.

It was not immediately clear how much power was still flowing.

The Seattle Department for Environmental Quality, which is responsible for managing Seattle’s power, did not immediately return a call for comment.

The city’s Power Company has not yet released the outage status.

On Tuesday, Murray announced that Seattle’s outage was not due to an issue with the city utility system.

Murray said that after a number a dozen calls to the city, it was clear that the outage was being caused by an outage in the city electric system.

“That’s the only thing that’s causing this,” Murray told reporters.

Murray has long said that Seattle is under an emergency management plan for the city.

“We have a plan that’s not perfect,” Murray recently said.

The mayor said he has not given up hope that Seattle could come out of the storm unscathed.

“This is just a matter of when, not if,” Murray was quoted as saying by the Associated Press.

The power outage caused a massive outage at the Port of Seattle, which houses thousands of containers.

About 300,000 containers, including more than 2,000 shipping containers, were on the port’s docks and loading dock when the outage happened, according the Associated, which reported that containers were not affected by the power outage.

A number of Seattle-area airports were closed Wednesday morning as crews worked to contain the situation.

A second outage in a matter to few hours is expected to slow the city down and may cause power to be shut down for a longer period, according Murray.

The Mayor of Seattle is on a plane heading to Miami, where he will discuss the power crisis with the Florida Department of Transportation.