Power Rangers Megazord, a Purple Power Ranger with a Purple Ranger Power Sword

Power Rangers megazords are coming.

A new Power Rangers game is coming.

And now, the purple power ranger with the purple Ranger Power sword has arrived.

In a press release, Power Rangers developer Studio Wildcard announced that the game is called Power Rangers: Megazords, and it will feature “a fully animated, full voice cast” for the new game.

The studio also confirmed that the Power Rangers franchise has been “retooled” to include more female leads, as well as “a more diverse cast of characters.”

The Megazots are powered by a supercomputer that has been modified to be a purple power source, and they use it to power a sword.

The sword is called a Ranger Power Axe, and its ability is to absorb all the purple energy in the world and use it as a projectile.

Power Rangers is not a TV show, but it’s still a great example of a franchise that can get away with such a subtle change to its visual style.

This is a huge deal for Power Rangers fans, and a big deal for the game.

It marks the first time since the series was first introduced in 1985 that an animated movie has been made for the show, and the new games will be the first of what’s sure to be many, many games from Studio WildCard in the future.

The new Power Ranger games have yet to be announced, but we should get a glimpse at them soon enough.

We’ll let you know when they do.