How to get the latest Toyota Corolla, Corolla Hybrid, and Lexus GLE in your driveway

In the past week, we’ve seen a number of vehicles get the power-driven diesel treatment.

This isn’t the first time this has happened.

In December 2016, Toyota introduced a number a different hybrids and sedans in the United States.

The last time we saw a diesel-powered Corolla or Lexus hybrid in the U.S., was in December 2017, when a Lexus RX was shown in Los Angeles.

Now, we’re getting a glimpse of what might come to fruition for this new generation of Corollas, which we’ve dubbed the Power Driven Diesel (PDD) model.

Power driven diesel is the process by which a hybrid or other vehicle uses a fuel-efficient, battery-powered engine to move fuel to the wheels.

This process has proven a success for hybrids and electric vehicles in the past, but this is the first hybrid to use the new technology.

Toyota and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are planning to launch the PDD model in 2018.

Toyota, however, has not yet released a price tag for the model.

The PDD is expected to come with a range of power levels, including zero to 60 miles per hour (0-62mph), as well as the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 mph (124kph) in 5.7 seconds.

The model is expected, however to be much more fuel- efficient than the existing diesel versions of the vehicle.

Toyota is already looking at how the PDX and PDX+ models can be paired with its upcoming PHEV, the PHEV-X, which will be powered by the PD DIES.

This hybrid will be the first PHEV to use PDD technology.

The new PDD version will also feature new rear axle designs that will help make the vehicle more aerodynamic.

The vehicle will be offered with a 1.5L engine, but it’s not clear when it will come into production.

Toyota also plans to introduce a new engine, a hybrid version of the PHV-X.

Toyota has said that the PD-PWD will be available by the end of 2019.

As the PDDs engine uses diesel, it will also come with the same emissions requirements as the current diesel version of Toyota’s PHEV.

Toyota says the new PDDs will come standard with “no emissions, no emissions-related modifications.”

Toyota is also working on a new plug-in hybrid model.

Toyota said the new plug hybrid will come with an optional electric motor and will also be available with a plug-ins battery.

These models, however will be priced differently.

The plug-intelligent hybrid will likely be offered in 2018, but Toyota is yet to release pricing information for the PDP model.